From Stockton Hill Road to Beale Street and Northern Avenue

At Rickety Cricket the past and future are made manifest in the 1946 Kingman Club sign restored by Legacy Signs.

there is ample evidence that Kingman is on the cusp of some dramatic and exciting changes. Neon is again lighting the night in the historic business district and along the Route 66 corridor, and young entrepreneurs with vision are organizing events that foster development of a sense of community such as First Friday, and are opening businesses like The Farmhouse, Southwest Trading Company, and Black Bridge Brewery  Well established businesses such as the Gold Doctor, and new businesses like Victoria’s Sugar Shack and Stuff It Burger, are fueling a new era of growth on Northern Avenue.
The Promote Kingman network was recently given a major promotional boost through the relaunch and upgrade of The Bee, now a county wide news source, by MyMarketing Designs, the company behind the Promote Kingman initiative. Soon an expansive classified section, as well as a travel/leisure section will provide local businesses with a dramatic marketing opportunity. At the Route 66 Association of Kingman meet & greet on the evening of March 28, Steve LeSueur of MyMarketing Designs will introduce an ambitious new tourism program. Gene Kirkham will also be speaking about plans to make Chillin on Beale a major event. 
In May the first European Route 66 Tour will overnight in Kingman. The tour that originated in meetings at the first European Route 66 Festival facilitated by Wolfgang Werz of the German Route 66 Association and author Jim Hinckley is scheduled to become an annual event. Hinckley is also working with a German motorcycle group that will stop in Kingman later in the same month.  He has also made arrangements with event organizers for inclusion of an information booth at the 2nd European Route 66 Festival, and the Texas Welcome the World Festival, where businesses and community’s can provide materials for distribution.
Resultant of the interest displayed in the Promote Kingman historic district walking tours, the tours are being scheduled to coincide with the First Friday events. This should give that event an added promotional boost. Discussions are underway to include walking tours to the schedule of events for Chillin’ on Beale. As the tours start from the depot, plans are for the Kingman Railroad Museum to offer extended hours.

Toshi Goto of the Japanese Route 66 Association and author Jim Hinckley enjoying lunch, and talking Route 66 at Rickety Cricket. Judy Hinckley

As the fame of the renaissance in the historic business district spreads, more tour companies, Route 66 associations, and travelers are adding Kingman to the itinerary. Since many of these companies develop plans on an 18 and 24 month schedule, it is reasonable to expect a spike in Kingman area tourism over the course of the next two years.
These are exciting times in Kingman, and indications are that the fun is just beginning.