If a person wants to complain reasons can always be found. Here

Kingman’s historic districts are in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance and the sense of excitement is palpable. Photo Jim Hinckley’s America

in Kingman, however, increasingly it is becoming more difficult with each passing day to find reason for complaint.
Young progressive entrepreneurs with ambition and vision are staking their futures on Kingman, and the results are dramatic. Friday, March 2, will be an historic milestone in Kingman. City government and business owners are working together to ensure that First Friday activities are a major event. On the afternoon of March 10, a few business owners are developing a “meet the merchant” event in the historic business district that will be followed with a Promote Kingman walking tour led by author Jim Hinckley.
Black Bridge Brewery AND Rickety Cricket recently received prestigious awards for their craft beers. Black Bridge Brewery is about to open a second location in Lake Havasu City. Desert Diamond Distillery, producer of award winning rums, has acquired a 1918 Pullman car that will soon be transformed into a unique restaurant. Stetson Winery and Cella Winery are also producing award winning products, and both wineries are becoming special event destinations. 

Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman, Arizona. Photo Jim Hinckley’s America

The popular Bullhead City Bee is back and it is better than ever before thanks to Steve Lesueur of MyMarketing Designs. Here is the real exciting part – it will now provide county wide coverage as well as promotional opportunities for business owners and event organizers.
The weekly Adventures Club Facebook live program from Jim Hinckley’s America, often developed in partnership with Promote Kingman, had an audience reach of nearly 79,000 people in 2017, and is on track to exceed that this year. With the support of viewers as well as promotional partners such as Southwest Trading Company, Roadrunner Lodge, Victoria’s Sugar Shack, the project will soon be expanded to include programs from restaurants, taverns and saloons. As the programs often have an interactive international audience, this will likely increase the perception that Kingman is a destination.
New businesses are going up along Stockton Hill Road and Hualapai Mountain Road, and new businesses such as Victoria’s Sugar Shack are opening on Northern Avenue as well as in the historic business district. Kingman now has a thriving arts and night life district on Beale Street. The fairgrounds is being transformed into a destination and not just a place where the county fair is held.
Last year, the organizers of Chillin’ on Beale started adding a cruise to make the event one part of a fun filled weekend. This year it looks like they will be taking that to a new level. Likewise with their involvement in the hosting of receptions for visitors to ensure that these guests leave with a very positive impression of Kingman.
Let’s get excited! Kingman is on the cusp of becoming the “in” place for visitors, for people who live in the Colorado River community’s, and for people looking for a great place to call home.