The cornerstone of the Promote Kingman initiative

developed by MyMarketing Designs was the establishment of a strong network of partners that would fuel the transformation of Kingman into the crossroads of the past and future, an historic transportation hub with an eye on the future. The “disrupt” program conceived as a means to ensure that area businesses have a modern functional website also serves as a marketing network that can magnify promotional efforts of individual businesses. The limited partnership with Jim Hinckley and Jim Hinckley’s America that includes development of a promotional video series and Facebook live programs was a another component in this envisioned network. Currently episode one and two of the video series, Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66 is being distributed all along the Route 66 corridor. The popularity of the weekly Facebook live programs that showcase community development, local artisans, and event creation are growing in popularity.

The Facebook live program that is growing in popularity now has an international audience.

The Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook live program, often a double broadcast through Promote Kingman, now has a firmly established international audience. When used to provide further promotion for “disrupt” program businesses such as The Gold Doctor and Southwest Trading Company, exposure increases exponentially. Plans are being developed for the expansion of the program in 2018. 
The Promote Kingman Facebook page with a local calendar of events, a free service for event organizers, organizations, and community benefit fund raising programs, further magnifies local promotional initiatives. Increasingly, visitors to the Kingman area are using the calendar to plan their trips. If you have an event to add, please forward it or share as a messenger through the Promote Kingman Faebook live program.
These are examples of two of the most popular Facebook live programs to date. The first is from Woods Saddlery, a 165-year family tradition of leather working. The second is from The Gold Doctor, a “disrupt” program member business.