The cornerstone for the Promote Kingman initiative is, as

the name implies, the promotion of Kingman utilizing social media networks, the development of promotional projects such as the Jim Hinckley’s America video series, blog postings, presentations, tools and programs for business owners, creation of specialty advertisement, and the provision of resources that make things like representation at the recent Miles of Possibility Conference in Joliet, Illinois. Underlying all of this is the focused development of partnerships, one at a time.

The display table at the Route 66 Miles of Possibility Conference in Joliet.

All of this is encapsulated in the launch of the “disrupt” project. To effectively promote Kingman, a network of business websites that are functional on all platforms including smart phones is needed. However, many small business owners are paralyzed with small budgets for marketing and advertisement, and the perception that a website would be cost prohibitive. The innovative disrupt program developed by MyMarketing Designs guarantees that any business, regardless of size or budget, can have an online presence and become a link in a strong promotional network. The cost for the domain name, and a landing page website is zero. Costs will only be incurred at the end of a twelve month period if the business owner wishes to retain the services of MyMarketing Designs for website maintenance, or if they want a more expansive website with an ability for conducting e-commerce. An example of the promotional campaign in action is the landing page website created for the Southwest Trading Company
The chain of Promote Kingman marketing links stretch beyond Kingman, and even Mohave County. In partnership with the Route 66 Association of Kingman, the Route 66 Cruizers, and business owners, receptions arranged for tour groups are fostering an awareness of Kingman as a destination, not just a stop for international travelers. Support for various promotional initiatives developed by author Jim Hinckley under the Jim Hinckley’s America banner market Kingman all along the Route 66 corridor, and throughout the international Route 66 community.
Exemplifying the Promote Kingman vision is the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook live programs. Often the programs have an overlap that magnifies Promote Kingman marketing initiatives. An excellent example is the program of November 10, 2017 from Scott McCoy’s The Gold Doctor. As the program drew an international audience, a local business received international promotion, and as Promote Kingman was developing video content for McCoy at the same time, the disrupt program was given greater public exposure.
If you have a business, and are looking for ways to expand the reach of your marketing and promotion, look no further than Promote Kingman.