At the heart of the Promote Kingman initiative is the creation

of a network that magnifies the individual partners marketing campaign. Adding additional value to a Promote Kingman partnership are educational programs that provide the business owner with tools needed to create effective, integrated marketing plans that utilize social media, websites, video content, and blogs, and information. In essence Promote Kingman is a hybrid version of the traditional chamber of commerce. 
Recently Promote Kingman launched five new initiatives that will dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the overall network, and create even more opportunity for partners. One of these was the first in a series of Masterclass presentations that detailed how a business owner could develop a successful social media network for promotion. The lecture, available for partners on the Promote Kingman website, was well attended. Indicative of the educational programs initial success were business owners that attended from neighboring communities, and the fact that no one requested the full refund offered to ensure satisfaction. The next class is currently under development. The date and location will be announced shortly.
Next was development of a project to provide the business owner maximum value for their investment in Promote Kingman. For just $50 per month, in addition to being listed on the various “promote” initiatives partners page, the business owner receives a registered domain name, a professionally designed and maintained landing page website, and assorted social media networking opportunities.
Utilizing the successful Promote Kingman template, the promotional network was greatly expanded with the launch of Promote Havasu, Promote Bullhead, and Promote Route 66. In several weeks Steve LeSueur, creator and developer of the Promote Kingman initiative, will accompany me on a trip to Tucumcari and Las Vegas, New Mexico where I will be speaking on heritage tourism and economic development. The secondary goal of the trip is introduction of the Promote Route 66 initiative through meetings with business owners and organizational leaders, and the weekly Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook live program that will take place July 28, at Kix on 66 in Tucumcari. Details and scheduling will be posted on the calendar of events for both the Jim Hinckley’s America and Promote Kingman Facebook page. A confirmed guest for the Friday morning program is KC Keefer, producer of the critically acclaimed Unoccupied Route 66 series.
If your looking for a way to market your business or organization, regardless of budget, my suggestion to give Promote Kingman very serious evaluation. This is the chamber of commerce of the future, and the power of an international network of partners. As with the neon that has become symbolic of the Route 66 renaissance, the Promote Kingman network of partners is transforming small business promotion.