There was a time, in the not so distant past, that a store

owner, event developer, or organizational director could meet marketing and promotional needs with an advertisement in the local newspaper, and a colorful sign. Regardless of business size or product being sold, that strategy no longer works. In fact, especially if neighboring or competing businesses develop a multifaceted modern approach and you don’t, the end result of such a marketing campaign today will be premature closure at best, and bankruptcy as a worst case scenario. This isn’t a scare tactic. Nor is it an attempt to play on your fears in the hope of selling something (aside from Promote Kingman as an education resource, as well as marketing and promotional platform). It is simply a cold, hard fact with reams of empirical evidence and demonstrable results.

As an example, when you place an advertisement in the newspaper or on the local radio station, how many people actually react to it? Is there a demonstrable result that can allow for the calculation of return on investment in advertisement or marketing? With social media and website linked marketing this IS not only possible, it can be fine tuned to such a degree that it is possible to discern the actual marketing being reached; the demographic group, the region, the sex, etc. As an example, start by considering the above screen shot from the Promote Kingman Facebook page.
The “reach” and “views” numbers look pretty impressive. However, they are actually irrelevant. The engagement number is key. A correlation to this number would be how many people clipped your coupon from the newspaper. This is the number that indicates how many saw something, and that reacted to it.
All of the modern technologies and terms (social media marketing, meta data, video content embedding, etc.) can and often do seem intimidating, especially to anyone over 35 years of age. Trust me, I am right at sixty and often there is a terrifying sense of having walked in at the middle of a French movie with Japanese subtitles knowing that there is a test in the morning when it comes time to market and promote my work. Still, as with all things, a bit of education from a knowledgeable teacher can make all of the difference in the world. That is the essence behind the Masterclass series developed by MyMarketing Designs, the company behind the Promote Kingman, Promote Bullhead, and Promote Route 66 initiatives. It also underlies the promote initiatives themselves;  educate, empower, and assist, develop partnerships and build a community of strong thriving businesses and organizations.
Invest in yourself AND your business. Partner with Promote Kingman today, and look for a Masterclass in your area.