When first asked to assist in the development of the

Promote Kingman initiative, I was intrigued by the concept, especially as it offered a process for creating cooperative partnerships out of feuding factions. The plan to defy traditional norms associated with the marketing business by developing a multifaceted functional platform with demonstrable results BEFORE asking the customer to invest also intrigued me. Likewise, with the concept of offering promotional and marketing services to a business or organization regardless of available budget (the base level partnership cost is zero), and the focus on “building a community of the future, one partnership at a time.”

My association with Promote Kingman has been an educational experience, and an inspirational one. As an example, last night, in partnership with the Route 66 Association of Kingman, we debuted the first video in the Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66 series at Beale Celebrations. Among the nearly 100 attendees were the city manager, the director of the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, and representatives from several community organizations that have not previously worked together on projects. 
Today was indicative of the initiatives multifaceted approach to building a community of partners. Several months ago a partnership with the organizers of Chillin’ on Beale, a great American Graffiti  type night that takes place on the third Saturday of every month, April through October, was facilitated. In addition to assisting with marketing and promotion, Promote Kingman will host a free movie night at Beale Celebrations (The Long, Long Trailer in April). The initiative has also arranged for a special lunch/tour rate at Grand Canyon Caverns, a Promote Kingman partner, on the scheduled Saturday for Chillin’ on Beale. Today arrangement was finalized for a host hotel in April, Quality Inn. Now, Chillin on Beale is a bit more than a local, fun filled cruise night. It is now a weekend of grand adventure – on Route 66. Invitations to car clubs in Prescott, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson will be going out soon.

Chillin’ on Beale courtesy Jim Hinckley’s America

The video series is another example. It is more than a promotional vehicle for Jim Hinckley. It was conceived as a means to introduce the world to Kingman AND to build a sense of excitement about opportunities in Kingman. To accomplish these goals the video as well as excerpts will be provided to Kingman area tourism and the chamber of commerce so they may use it for promotional purposes, and it will be made available on the Facebook page and website for Promote Kingman as well as Jim Hinckley’s America. I will also be including it in some of my presentations.
Utilizing modern methods of promotion and marketing is another example of the initiatives unique approach to providing partners, and the community with international exposure. An example would be the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook live program on Friday morning, and the Facebook live community events calendar program every weekend, as well as partnerships with international Route 66 associations, and Kingman associated website developments such as Legends of America.
Today initial sponsorship arrangements were finalized for the second video in the series. In addition to promoting the Route 66 corridor east and west of Kingman as a vacation destination, it will bolster the marketing of businesses along the way. It also places sponsors such as Ramada Kingman/Canyon 66 in the spotlight.

Work on the next video project will commence soon, and next Friday evening the first concert in a series will take place at Beale Celebrations. Also on the plan for development in coming months – illustrated walking tours of the historic district, special events including business marketing seminars, contests, receptions for tour groups, and the monthly Promote Kingman open house. It is all quite ambitious, and exciting.
Well, I am celebrating a six-month association with this visionary initiative and my fascination has not waned. In fact, my enthusiasm for the project has grown exponentially and increasingly I find myself thinking about this initiative as a template for the creation of similar programs in towns and villages where historic district revitalization, and tourism related economic development are stagnant or stifled. It might even work well with the international Route 66 community.