Even if there are a few more frosty mornings, winter is

winding down and spring is just around the corner. That means beautiful flowers will be adding a splash of color to the desert, and visitors from near and far will be exploring our corner of Roue 66 as well as discovering the hidden gems that make Kingman such a special place.
On the first weekend of May, the 30th annual Route 66 Fun Run will transform our 160-miles of smile into a living time capsule. The three day block party that celebrates the most famous highway in the world and the great American road trip always attracts quite a crowd but this year a tour group from New Zealand will be joining in on the fun.
This group from the Czech Route 66 Association stops for lunch at Mr. D’z.

A few days before this, on April 30, a tour group from Australia will be enjoying lunch at Mr. D’z. Then its our friends from the Netherlands, a US Biker tour led by Dries Bessels, president of the Dutch Route 66 Association, that stops in Kingman for dinner on May 16. On their heels will be tours by the Route 66 associations of Germany and the Czech Republic.
But the season of festivities and visitors begins before the arrival of the Aussies on April 30. On Sunday the 15th of February, at 4:00 PM, Promote Kingman hosts its first open house at Gracie’s Vintage located at 209 N. 4th Street. The second open house will take place on March 15 at Black Bridge Brewery on Beale Street.
The third Saturday evening of April, the first Chillin’ on Beale of the new year kicks off. This fun filled event is a night of cruising, cars, good food, music, and good friends. This year Promote Kingman will be hosting a free movie night at Beale Celebrations in conjunction with the event. The first film is The Long, Long Trailer, a classic road trip movie starring Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball. The movie nights are also a great promotional opportunity for sponsors.
All of this is just the beginning of what promises to be a most exciting year. Let the good times roll!