Welcome our newest member to Promote Kingman, Cupcakes by Jan.
Cupcakes by Jan is beautiful and inviting, you will want to stay even if something sweet is not something that interests you (although we are sure we can change that).
One of the most sought after cupcakes at Jan’s store is her Ding Dong cupcake – it’s “absolutely covered with chocolate”! If chocolate is not your favorite flavor, take comfort in knowing that Jan offers a variety of options to cater to all sorts of dessert lovers.
Jan makes pastries, wedding cakes, birthday and special occasion cakes, pies and even dreamy breakfast pastries.
Visit them online at The Kingman Merchant Mall or their Facebook page HERE
Address: 701 Stockton Hill Rd. Kingman, AZ 86401
Call to order: (928) 529-5062
Want to become a member?  Check it out https://promotekingman.com/members/