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By Mike Wagner
OK, so “retirement” is on the horizon. What that means is learning how to live on a fixed income without the big paycheck that you’ve become used to all these years. Lower your overhead usually means selling the old family home and relocating to somewhere “retirement friendly.” But just how hot can you stand it?! Popular desert communities welcome large senior populations to live out there years in the sun. But, watch out for that sun! Palm Spring, Phoenix and other desert towns can warm up into the low 120s in Summer and only down to the 90s at night. You can enjoy the benefits of the desert (fresh air, low humidity etc) without all the heat in the HIGH desert (above 3000 feet elevation).
Once such town that does little to promote itself is located just 90 minutes south of Las Vegas, and 35 minutes East of the Colorado River. At 3300 feet elevation, it can be up to 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix in summer. Situated at the intersection of Interstate 40 (East/West) and US 93, soon to become I-11 (North/South) and smack dab in the middle of Route 66 is Kingman, Arizona.
IF you’ve heard of it, it’s because you needed gas or were hungry on your long trip to somewhere else and spent a few minutes there. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re like most people. Kingman just doesn’t promote itself outside of town.
With a population of about 28,000, Kingman is just an hour East of Needles, CA, but with elevations of 3300 feet plus, Sitting at the base of the Hualapai (“Wall-a-pie”) Mountains, which are named after a local Indian Tribe, translated as meaning “People of the Tall Pines”, Kingman is surrounded by natural beauty, mild year round weather, and low humidity.
Kingman Regional Medical Center operates 2 “Not For Profit” Hospitals in town, both of which have direct affiliations to the Mayo Clinic.
Housing prices are unbelievable if you’re coming from a large city! The lifestyle is relaxed, and the livin’ is easy and affordable.

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