Looking at the road ahead instills a sense of excitement, of

eager anticipation. The Route 66 renaissance continues to swell and grow, and this week Promote Kingman welcomed a new partner, the freshly minted Route 66 Association of Australia. Also joining us in our effort to market Kingman as a destination is the German Route 66 Association, the Dutch Route 66 Association, and the Japanese Route 66 Association.
The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is moving forward with plans to raise funds for the establishment of a museum in Kingman dedicated to chronicling the evolution of the electric vehicle. This will be an expansion of the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum currently housed in the Powerhouse Visitor Center. In partnership with the Mohave Museum of History & Arts, we will be sharing historic images of Kingman and the surrounding area in blog posts as well as on the Facebook page to foster a sense of community, and preservation focused sense of community purpose. Providing marketing and promotional assistance to the organizers of Chillin’ on Beale, and hosting a free movie night in conjunction with the event will help transform it into an attraction for locals as well as for visitors from near and far.

The Route 66 Association of Kingman, a Promote Kingman partner, is working with partner owners and Legacy Signs to relight the night with the warm glow of neon.

Providing a platform for the international marketing and promotion of partner businesses and organizations, as well as Kingman, will highlight the city as a destination for visitors, for entrepreneurs, for families, and for retirees. Airing a bit of dirty laundry along with good news will inspire communication and discussion that resolves problems, and that instills a bit of excitement about the future. Giving event organizers the spotlight will enable them to add an international flair to any festival.
The introduction of the Promote Kingman Open House initiative in February will represent another major step toward our goal to create a community of the future one partnership at a time. Likewise with the introduction of our first video production, Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66. 
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