Welcome our newest member to Promote Kingman, Desert Diamond Distillery. Desert Diamond Distillery is AZ’s oldest craft distillery. It was established in March of 2009 on a small parcel in the Kingman Airport Industrial Complex. Owned and operated by the Patt family, D3 spent the year building their business from the ground up. D3 opened it’s doors April 1, 2010, and just celebrated their sixth year in business. The Patt family started looking into the liquor industry in 2005. They were mainly thinking wineries or breweries, but they happened to attend a distilling conference and they reconsidered their options. Soon, the distillery option was in the lead and the rest is history! After winning international awards for the last six years, the Patt family is excited about the possibilities in this industry, and especially in Arizona. The climate is perfect for aging. The production room has a state of the art still from Arnold Holstein in Germany, and the tanks were made and installed from Bavarian Breweries out of CA. This 1000L still has a double stack and has a semi automation process that was one of the first in the craft industry, designed and implemented by Bavarian-Holstein Partners. Tours are available at 4875 Olympic Drive, Kingman, Arizona.  Give them a call at (928) 757- 7611 or visit their website at www.DesertDiamondDistillery.com
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