Overlapping presentation schedules present a bit of a problem. Still, the first day of the Miles of Possibilities Conference has been quite interesting.
This morning Cory Jobe, Director of the Illinois Office of Tourism discussed the importance of utilizing bed tax monies for marketing, and development of unique attractions. He also noted that as Route 66 tops the list as destination for international visitors to Illinois, plans are to place that highway at the center of promotional and marketing initiatives.
Will Krause spoke on the development of heritage tourism as a component in community economic development. While he talked my thoughts turned to the array of opportunities that Kingman has for capitalizing on this.
Next, presentations on historic preservation as an integral component of economic development, Pontiac as an example of how to magnify tourism for economic development, and utilization of social media to enhance the economic impact of tourism.
Tomorrow I will make a presentation on the international interest in Route 66, how to harness this a catalyst for economic development. I will use Kingman, Galena, and Cuba as examples.