The trip to the Miles of Possibilities Conference has proven to be an educational experience as well as a grand adventure, and endless opportunity for promoting Kingman.
As its primary goal is to promote Kingman and foster development of a sense of community as well as community purpose, last year the Route 66 Association of Kingman began creating a network of affiliate associations by providing complimentary memberships to international Route 66 groups.
This year began by expanding on this initiative. Complimentary partnerships are being provided to Route 66 communities and entities along the entire a Route 66 corridor.
This will provide an expanded market for the distribution of Kingman event information as well as promotional materials. With the addition of a Route 66 events calendar to the association website, they can also provide promotional assistance for other communities.
I eagerly accepted a request for assistance with this initiative. During the trip I have provided honorary membership, and arranged for promotional partnerships with Larry Clont, economic development and tourism director, as well chairman of the chamber of commerce in Shamrock, Texas.
Similar arrangements were made in Tucumcari, and with the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma.